October, 2018


Brand Analysis
Website Audit
Future Planning
On-site Consultation

Coworksurf is a global network of spaces where people come to connect, work, and live the surf lifestyle. 



I found Coworksurf as they were looking to launch a new location in Panama. I served as the main point of contact between Coworksurf and their resort partner on location. The founders previously opened coworking/coliving locations in Bali and Portugal where they could assist in creating their experience hands-on. This partnership, an ocean away, did not allow them to come in person, so they were looking for task-orientated independent professionals with marketing experience to help create and promote their new partnership.

I worked with a small team of PR and design professionals to help identify the best place on the property for a coworking space, we outlined the look & feel, and worked with contractors to renovate the space.


What we accomplished:



I worked with the founders of Coworksurf to understand their brand identity. I provided an audit of their website to ensure correct and straightforward communication of their business structure and newly outlined brand. I defined a mission and vision for them and simplified their values which they could then use to describe who they are to potential business partners and guests.


From the day one on location, the founders of CWS wanted us to capture our experience and share on their social media accounts, mainly Instagram, to promote the new partnership. We quickly saw a disconnect between their well-intentioned sharing and the need for a strategic approach as people from 3 different location in 3 different time zones were sharing their day-to-day highlights under one instagram profile.
We outlined standard call-outs and location tags as well as an directions for posting in the story mode to convey a concise message. Three of us worked together to outline best practices and social media posting guidelines.

Communication Strategy



This partnership was going to require investment in resources and room upgrades for the owners of Las Olas resort even after our time on location setting up and promoting the coworking space. I worked with the owners through the renovation of their new coworking space and provided a style guide and plan to renovate hotel rooms for the extended-stay guests of Coworksurf.